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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

And While I'm Here ...

Really, that turned out to be bollocks ? Gosh, I totally believed it, I mean it was in the Sun and everything.

I'm sure all the papers concerned will make their mistake clear. It reminds me of the rare (perhaps only) occasion on which I had any respect for Kenny Dalglish, when he said that until the Sun printed the headline "WE LIED" in the same size font as their original Hillsborough allegations, they could GFT when it came to getting quotes from him.


Blogger mikewoodhouse said...

I was ranting about this today ( and I'm starting to lean toward HH's COPO as the control: leave the system as it is and publish everything. Let the COPO decide if the MP is a greedy bastard with ethics incompatible with public office or not. Enforcement of hastily-bodged rules just drives them underground to find other angles to shoot. And I wish I'd thought to use "sophist", a bon mot for the circs if ever I saw one.

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