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Friday, July 11, 2003

If only they had played poker (number 1 in a series of some)

Poker has so many parallels in real life. Poker is life, some would say ! Here is a tale of woe that a good poker player would have avoided. From the Enfield Advertiser, 2nd July 2003 :

“Jo-Ann Bowen-Griffith, who won the Hampstead Garden Suburb in Bloom competition in 2001, spotted some begonias being sold at a reduced price in Homebase … but when she went to pay for the plant, the checkout assistant accused her of swapping a £12 tag for a £1 tag … The matter probably could have been resolved peacefully had Miss Bowen-Griffith not spotted two of her biggest gardening rivals in a neighbouring queue. ‘When I saw them I became even more embarrassed and demanded an apology even more adamantly’, she told the jury … Miss Bowen-Griffith was seeking aggravated damages for defamation”

Leaving aside for the moment exactly how you can have a “gardening rival”, Miss B-G did not leave her ego at home like any good poker player would. She also risked a huge amount for a small payout, going “all-in” to a very small pot. How much ? She lost the case, and is now liable for £45,000 in legal fees. If only she had spent more time in smoky casinos and less out in the fresh air.

In closing, let us consider the words of that great sage Nelson Muntz. Ha Ha !


Anonymous Anonymous said...

evidently you can have a "gardening rival" by engaging in gardening competitions, which the article you quote said Ms. B-G purportedly did.

10:45 PM  

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