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Friday, October 22, 2004

Every Man Has His Price

If there's one event that has attracted more of my ire than any other in this journal, it must be the Poker Million. Cock-eyed organisation and structures, no logos, and all the rest. Now the Poker Million 2005 is in the offing, am I going to pour scorn on it once again ?

No, I'm not. Because Ladbrokes are adding a huge wedge to this tournament. I can't make their numbers add up, but the bottom line appears to be that the buy-in is $15,000 and the total prize money is $1,935,000. Dividing that by 72 makes $26,875. Ladbrokes say they're adding $1.25 million. I assume the balance is seats being given away in freerolls and leaderboards and so on.

It's not entirely clear whether the field will be fully made up of on-line qualifiers, I would expect a few pros to find their way in, but if shooting for a million is what you want to do, this is the best value you could ever expect. Not only the added money, but the large proportion of Internet qualifiers. Playing 6 handed, winner take all, on a fast clock, there's no time to hang around. But from what I have gathered, it looks like about half the Internet qualifiers in these things have no idea how to play a short stack.

I'm sorely tempted to have at least one shot (1 in 10 supers cost $1,750). If this is the level you're playing, compare the value of taking say 3 shots at this with coughing up £3,000 to play against the best in Europe at the Vic the other weekend - well there's no comparison at all.


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