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Friday, November 05, 2004

Shit Happens ... to the best of us

I was subject to the ultimate humiliation in a Sit and Go this morning, or at least the ultimate humiliation that can be handed out in that format. After being chip leader with 2500 at one point, I finished fourth, ceding third place to someone who wasn't there. Nice surprise for him next time he logs on. How did I do it ? A three-way combination of bad luck, thoughtless play and ignorance of the rules. I thought that he would just lose when his last chips went in, but no, he survived the all in and I didn't have enough chips (20 more would have done !) to survive the blinds myself. Live and learn I suppose ! Sit and Goes can be frustratingly "anti-poker" sometimes even though they are profitable.

So, I'm not going to "shoot for" $2500 this month, I'm just going to play when I want to, but make sure that when I do it's in a game that's beatable and worthwhile. Then see where we are at the end of the month. Another reason for this approach is, as you may have noticed, that Roscoe and the Duke Boys have shaped the world's destiny by voting Junior in for another four years. Marvellous. God forbid, but if the four minute warning goes off I'm unlikely to think "Damn. I wish I had watched more TV and played more online poker". If there's something you want to do before you die, do it now. Which isn't a bad philosophy to live by in any times.


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