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Saturday, February 05, 2005

Bits and Pieces

Someone asked me which site I play on last night, and when I answered without mentioning William Hill, Steve Vladar perked up and gave me a sales pitch. Which is fair enough really - at least he's earning his filthy lucre :-)


It's very disappointing to see the lawyers being called in to sort out a spat between Pokerpages and the Mob. It's all over the Mob's database. I noticed myself that all my US results had vanished on there, making me look like the one-hit wonder I actually am, which is no good ! I assumed that someone had complained about them being copied from somewhere and thought little else of it. Pokerpages don't seem to be satisfied with the results being removed and have brought it all up before the beak. Mark Napolitano, ask yourself, is this where you thought you would end up when you started that website ? Once the lawyers are involved, you have a three way hi-lo pot. The lawyers have the low side locked up and are freerolling for the high. The other two parties are fighting to either win a little or lose the lot. Not good.


Nice to see Steve T in good form yesterday, as I said in my tournament report he does make me laugh. My "gay raises" attracted his attention. If you're saying what the hell ? this is apparently what small raises are called in that bastion of 21st century tolerance, the Vic. Stewart Reuben uses the term frequently in his books. Anyway this was all in fun. Poker could do with a few more like Steve. And a few less like Luton's resident Yorkshireman who allowed himself to be blinded off a decent stack before calling the rest off with 88 and then expressing his derision that another short stack (not me by the way) had dared to raise his blind with QJ. Well if that makes you feel better. But has anyone else noticed that a Yorkshireman's right, as he sees it, to be "bluff and plain-speaking" is actually, as everyone else sees it, a right to act like a rude, ignorant tosser ?


I was going to use the c-word there instead of tosser but thought I should tone it down a bit. If there's one habit I must rid myself of at the poker table it's swearing. Not that I'm chuntering on like Wayne Rooney or anything, but for example last night when I realised I had committed all my chips with KJ against KK, an expletive or two passed my lips. Needless to say it does no harm at all in Luton, in fact it may be necessary to maintain the proper level of respect from the masses. But it you let one slip at the wrong time in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave, someone will try to cop you 20 minutes. It could cost you a lot of money. Form good habits when it doesn't matter so much, and you'll be alright when it does


Finally a note of amusement as I was making the rounds today. A billboard ad caught my eye, it was for IKEA. There's a poncey-looking fashion designer with one of those lap-dogs, and he says "If you go, I eat the dog". Most amusing. However what I enjoyed was that this was placed directly above a kebab shop. I wonder how many people walk down that road at 11-30 on a Friday night thinking "mmmm kebab", only to see the poster and change their minds, "actually I think I'll just go home and make some toast".


Blogger Big Dave D said...

Nice result and keep up the posting...I read more than I post here cos I have very little to add when it comes to tourneys :)

I can't really agree on the THM vs PokerPages thing. Reading between the lines, THM have copied A LOT of data from PP. This is theft, pure and simple. It's not as if either side is doing this for charitable purposes now is it. Of the two sides, outside looking in, at least Mark P seems committed to the whole thing, whilst THM is clearly/maybe just a vehicle for sponsorship/scamming stupid Internet Poker Sites.



10:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Andy,

About time I posted a comment on here!

I had a chuckle at 'Luton’s resident Yorkshireman', when he wandered off muttering “JQ, he raised my blind with JQ”. He truly couldn’t believe it. Anyway, on the subject of rude, ignorant tossers at the table, I actually think Luton contains very few and that Mr Yorkshire was fairly tolerable, having been sat next to him all night. Maybe that was because he got chipped up very early.

In fact most of the players there are a pleasure to play against. If you want to experience what it’s like to play poker with a plentiful supply of rude ignorant tossers, you could do worse than try a trip to Salford (Manchester), where I cut my teeth. Compared to Salford, Luton is an extremely pleasant place to play.

Anyway, I'm going to post some thoughts about Friday night on your strategy blog so please continue reading there!

Rob Sherwood

7:54 PM  
Blogger Andy_Ward said...

Hi Rob,

Now I think about it you're right. I took almost a year out from playing at Luton and now I'm back it does seem more congenial. Then again this could be just because the two most unpleasant people I have ever met anywhere bar none are no longer in attendance.

I see you got the lot on Friday - the other thing I should have mentioned is that it's nice to play three-handed without anyone constantly trying to make some kind of deal !


8:22 PM  
Blogger Felicia :) said...

Jeez, I just got in from Commerce. What is going on between THM and PP?

1:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...



4:47 AM  

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