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Friday, July 18, 2003

How to put me on tilt - Part 1

I do appreciate people coming on here to read my insane babbling so I am going to throw you a bone or two. Some useful hints as to how to put me on tilt. These are the things to do at a poker table which wind me up. You might get yourself beaten to a pulp if I see you in the car park and no one else is around (and you’re smaller than me) but them’s the breaks. Number 1 :

If there is one thing that gets on my tits in poker tournaments it’s the habit that some people have of endlessly analysing every hand. What did you have ? Was I right to call ? Would you play the hand like that ? Oh sorry, is it me, hang on while I fumble around with my cards a bit more, I call. Oh it’s been raised ? How much ? Oh, er, um. PAY ATTENTION. The next time someone asks me “Was I right to call” * I’m going to say “God No, that’s the worst call I’ve ever seen”. And if that doesn’t work we might end up having a real post mortem.

* Especially if they do it in the style of a Scottish great-aunt asking for just one wee piece of shortbread. You know who you are.


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