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Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Internet Tournaments for Fun and Profit (2)

Super-satellites. Having rubbished super-satellites, Hold-em and Internet tournaments below it does seem strange that the combination of all three proves a winner. Or I could just have been talking rubbish, that’s not so strange at all. Anyway the great thing about super-satellites is that you don’t have to finish in the top three. In fact if you do, you’ve almost certainly played it wrong and incurred too much risk.

On Pokerstars they have regular $36 multi-table satellites for their $200 NL thrashfest. Just recently though they have introduced the concept of “tournament dollars”. This means that if you win a seat, you can unregister and get $215 in Tournament Dollars instead. You can use this to enter any tournament or sit and go, and anything you win you get in cash.

I’ve haven’t played many of these yet but I think that it is feasible to win the seat at least 1/3 of the time, possibly more. That’s a profit of $33 in an average of about 1 ½ hours, or $20 an hour. In terms of hourly rate that’s miles better than anything I could (or think I could) manage before, and with lower variance. Plus the satellite itself takes up very little bandwidth, seeing as, while you aren’t short-stacked, correct play ranges from tight to very tight to click sit out and go down the pub.

Of course the problem is that you are winning tournament dollars, not money. You still have to take some time to convert these into real $. But while, as I said, it’s not easy to make money in Internet tournaments, it’s easy enough to break even. Sit and Goes are probably the best bet for converting into money in the shortest time.

So that’s the plan for a while, play as many of these as I can, use them for tournaments (often simultaneously) and basically get my £1000 back. I know that isn’t necessary logical but, contrary to popular belief, I’m not a robot and I want my £1000 back :-). If I get there I might do the same thing and freeroll in bigger tournaments with the profit, giving myself a chance of getting lucky and winning a decent score. Might as well while I’m at home, it beats watching TV.

Stop Press : after writing this piece this morning, I tried to convert some tournament dollars in a $50 No-Limit comp and I accidentally finished second for $750. How did that happen ?


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