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Saturday, December 20, 2003

Look to the future now

One thing Brad was right about was the technological capability to do all these things (like track everybody at any time). Technology is moving ahead in leaps and bounds, without a single thought as to the implications. This may be a scientific urban myth, however I have heard that when the first atomic test explosion was made, some of the scientists believed that there was a small chance (around 1 in 10,000) that a chain reaction would lead to the atomization of the entire atmosphere. But what the hell, they did it anyway.

There is no doubt that pretty soon you will be able to effectively implant a mobile phone in your head. Instant access to the internet, on-line libraries and such, wired straight into your brain. Marvellous. Just imagine the spam E-mails you get now being pumped straight into your cortex. Not for me thanks. There are all sorts of amazing things we could do though. Unless, of course, we do one of the following first :

- Blow ourselves to kingdom come with nuclear weapons. Pretty clever of us to wire up the whole planet to explode at the push of a button wasn't it ?

- Use up all the oil, causing mass starvation because we will no longer be able to produce enough food. This is actually only a matter of time.

- Create intelligent self-aware supercomputers which decide to destroy us, or enslave us if we're lucky. Bear with me here. This is nowhere near as fantastic as it may seem. To my mind the only truly far-fetched aspect of the Terminator films is that someone's going to travel back in time to save us. Once we get to the stage where computers design the next generation of computers, we basically won't know what the fuck is going on. And when these computers are controlling the nuclear weapons, because if we don't then the Russians/Chinese/Muslims will, game over.

So perhaps it would be best to live our lives to the full while we can. And what the hell, that's not a bad idea anyway is it ? So while everything I say below about playing in the right games and avoiding big tournaments is good advice for anyone trying to make a living from the game, thankfully I'm not. So maybe I will be playing some more festivals. It's a hell of a buzz when you get some chips. We start off broke and we die broke, everything else is fluctuation. Might as well have some fun.


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