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Tuesday, November 18, 2003

And so, a decision

As I have said before, my play has been patchy for 18 months or so. One of the reasons is probably that I have simply been trying to do everything. Trying to play big comps and small, cash games, on-line poker, trying to master it all ! Even within Hold-em tournaments, if you consider £20 comps, £100+ comps and on-line comps they are three completely different games ! One size does not fit all.

So while I have, for example, won £1000 in cash games over this period of time, my winnings in tournaments have dropped off by a lot more than that. So today it is very liberating to be able to say, nuts to these :

Small B&M Hold-em tournaments. First off the list. I don't enjoy them anyway (see above)
UK Festivals. Been there, failed to do it. So many of these end up being chopped nowadays anyway. 12 ways in Brighton for God's sake ! Kudos for winning one of these is not what it was. And quite right too, anyone can get lucky, even a few times. While from a monetary point of view, facing up to so many of the best players is not good.
Dealers / Omaha / Hi-low B&M cash games. Too hard ! You can find yourself playing against opponents with decades of experience in tough games. I'd like it easier please.
On-line multi-table tournaments. Take too long. I doubt whether even a good online player (which isn't me) has a much higher expectation in a $50 multi-table comp compared to a $50 single table. And the multi table takes anything from 4 times as long up.
On-line cash games. I go on tilt too much :-)

Is there anything left ? Well yes.

Small B&M Stud tournaments. Fun to play in and, depending on the field size, more play than you might think. The smaller the better in that respect.
B&M Stud cash game. Happily of course, on the same night. Luton has a very good stud cash game which I have a very good rate in on the rare occasions that I've played in it. Even though there was a great deal I didn't know about it which [I think ...] I do now [not least buying in for the correct amount].
On-line single tables. Despite my on-line travails I have managed to work out that I am about $700 up in these since day one. 8 or better games (omaha and stud) are particularly attractive.
US Festivals. Now that's a holiday ! Knock British and European festivals into the shade for many reasons, which I'll probably cover later. Reno in March sounds like a plan. Then maybe even lig it up at the Series !!

So that's where you'll see me for the next few months. Playing games that I enjoy, that I make money in, and putting the hours in. Or you won't see me :-). Unless you're doing the same !


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