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Sunday, October 05, 2003


It’s certainly interesting to read the Mob’s accounts of their tournament adventures on the world’s biggest freeroll. The guys got off to a good start at the Four Queens but no showing in the last three tournaments ($1K, $1K and $5K) adds up to $28K in less than a week. Big swings ! Their account seems to tally with my own experience of playing in the US . There comes a point in these events where the pros decide that it’s worth their while turning up. Usually when the buy-in reaches $1000, sometimes $500. At this point the number of locals entering drops off sharply too. Basically, when the pros fly in, you should fly out. That’ll be my plan next time – get there for Event 1 and book to leave when the time seems right. You can always stay on longer if you get lucky !


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