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Friday, September 12, 2003

Nothing is Free

They say that if you want to attract hits to your website you should put the word sex * in an invisible font at the top of your front page. I think for a poker website the key word should be “free”. Nothing gets a poker player salivating like the prospect of something for nothing. But is there any such thing ?

If your time is absolutely valueless, then maybe. If not, you should at least work out what a freeroll is worth and how long it’s going to take. Simply divide the pot by the number of runners and that’s what it’s worth, more or less. Walsall , for example, came up with a fiendish plan for their recent Midlands Meltdown. Anyone who played in one of the first two events could play in a freeroll for one £250 seat in the next day’s comp. £250 for nothing ? Sign me up ! Well maybe. If 50 people turn up to play this, it’s £5 for nothing, which isn’t quite as exciting. 100, then £2.50 for nothing.

If you do have nothing else to do you could still play. But this is where the fiendishness comes in, and I have to tip my hat to the Walsall boys for this. Starting stack is 1000. Starting running antes are 1000. Everyone plays one hand, the winner on each table advances. Leaving 90% of the field hanging around with nothing to do for however long (a couple of hours I should imagine) until the real comp starts. With the bar open. And the restaurant. And the pit. Ching Ching !! Genius.

* or better still lesbian


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