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Friday, August 29, 2003

He asks not if you won or lost ...

... but how you played the game. Is how you play the game more important than whether you win or lose ? Most people would say of course not. Most people, in this post-Thatcher world, would mock someone who said that. Would you ? Listen up before answering …

I used to play a lot of cricket. I suppose it was my main hobby, much like poker is now. However, when the game became full of oiks with no respect for their opponents, their team-mates or themselves, I lost interest (hmm sounds familiar). Now I look back on my cricketing “career” (in quotes because I really wasn’t very good at all). What do I regret ? Losing this game, being relegated that season ? No. None of that matters now. What I regret is that we had a bent umpire and we never did anything about it. I’m still embarrassed about the cheating that went on, to my benefit. It got to the point where I would never appeal unless it was stone plumb out but that wasn’t enough. There were reasons, or should that be excuses, as to why I didn’t stand up to it. The guy was in his eighties I think, he was a lifelong member of the club, there were pictures on the wall from 1927 (for once I am not exaggerating) with him in them. In fact he passed away shortly after I left the club. Anyway, that’s what I regret. I think of the times when opponents would as much as call us cheats, and we couldn’t say anything, because it was true. And I hang my head in shame.

I hope that when I look back on my poker playing I will have a clearer conscience. Incidentally the other thing I regret (though a lot less) is that I didn’t just stop worrying about what people thought, whether I was good enough, whether I would be dropped next week, and just PLAY. Do my best and nuts to what anyone thought. I’m still working on that. Getting there though !


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