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Thursday, August 14, 2003

A Cunning Plan

It seems to me that certain people [as I have mentioned before] derive some kind of self-esteem from being seen in the biggest games around, specifically the biggest comps. Each to his own I suppose. Expensive business though. Unless …

It strikes me that in a casino like the Vic, with tables in the cardroom and the bar and upstairs, it wouldn’t be that difficult to pretend you are playing even when you aren’t. Large it up in the bar beforehand, I feel lucky tonight, this is the big one for me. Once the comp is called, give it all the “right, good luck mate, see you in the final, just going to freshen up”. Nip into the Gents and then nip out unobserved while everyone is milling around finding their seats. All your audience will assume that if they’re in the bar, you must be upstairs, and vice versa. Anyway pop down the road for a drink or two, or a bite to eat, and roll back 3 hours later “how d’you get on mate ? Yeah me too, bloody Aces, some bozo I’ve never seen before called me with 7s and made a straight on the river, can you believe it ?”. No one is any the wiser. Kudos maintained at no cost.

Such a foolproof scheme that I can only wonder if anyone is doing it already. I wouldn’t be surprised. And if you can swap a few percent beforehand, ching ching !! Now that’s a freeroll. See you in October !


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