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Friday, July 25, 2003

Time and Money

Every now and then you see a post on one of the forums that goes something like this. “I played for 5 hours in the Luton Hold-Em comp on Wednesday night, finished 6th and only got £x it’s not fair the lower places should get more money”.

This is something I disagree with strongly. Look at it like this. During the rebuy phase you start with 500 chips, you buy some more depending on rebuys obviously. Say you have 3 rebuys and so have paid for 2000 chips. It doesn’t matter how many, what I’m saying is that you bought 2000 (or however many) chips. At the end of the game how many chips do you have ? If you finish 6th, none obviously. So, you’ve lost all your chips. You should be grateful to be given any money at all ! It’s the guy who wins who as a real cause for complaint. He has won ALL the chips. But he only gets paid 40% of their value. Bad beat ! And people want to make first prize even less !

I play to win. I adapt my play to the structure at hand. I’m not interested in £80 for finishing 9th when first is a grand, £1500 or more. I enjoy playing like this too. If you don’t like playing 5 hours for little reward then you are IN THE WRONG GAME. Why have you chosen to play on a Wednesday, when there are 100 runners ? When it takes all night to finish the game ? When only 5% of the field gets a decent return ?

You’ll have to ask yourself this question, but a lot of people play this game because of a misconception as to what value (or should that be valyoo) is. There is a lot more to selecting your tournaments than the size of first prize. Tournaments with fewer runners give you more chance of a decent return, more time to play (generally) and usually have weaker fields (on average). You can’t win £3000 in one night but so what ? One night isn’t how you should be thinking about it. Think about over the whole year. Or five years. Or a lifetime.

Play to win and think harder about which game you should be in instead of asking the world to change to suit you !


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