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Friday, August 29, 2003

Bonified Trip Report

I did promise you some gossip from Tunica, but unfortunately the fact that Eskimo Clark sleeps in his car is apparently common knowledge - well I didn't know. Glamorous all the same though isn't it ?

Apart from that I did catch a couple of the WSOP programmes on ESPN. There was a 1-hour programme devoted to each day, I saw the ones covering days 3 and 4. These are very well done, the commentary is good and the atmosphere comes over very well. However I did hear something that calls the whole concept into question.

Now this is hearsay (I heard a guy say it), he seemed sincere to me and I can’t think of any reason why he would make it up – anyway judge for yourself. There was a hand on day 3 where on the ESPN show, Chuc Hoang (sp ?) has KK in his hand, and Scotty Nguyen has AK. The flop is Kxx. Hong goes all in with his trip Kings, Scotty has a bit of a dwell-up and passes. A great pass, yes ? Well maybe. This guy I was talking to said he was at the table, and there were no card-cameras (it was not the main featured table). Furthermore, NOBODY saw Scotty’s cards. He just mucked them. Our confidant went on to say that, from the play of previous hands, he thought there was no way Scotty could have had AK and that other players at the table agreed.

So, did Scotty really pass AK ? Or did he just tell the ESPN guys that was what he had ? It’s not hard to think of reasons why he might want to do that. Should we take all this coverage with a pinch of salt ? One to think about.

Finally in an attempt to shame myself into never doing this again, here is the worst play I have ever made. Midway through the Omaha tournament I am doing OK with average chips. In the big blind I pick up something including 98. No betting until the turn makes the board 765x, so I have the nuts, with 2 diamonds out. I bet the pot (400) 1 caller. On the river I still have the nuts. I bet 400 and he raises 1000. At this point I must have suffered some kind of brain freeze because even though it's true that he really can't call a reraise without the nuts, it wouldn't hurt to try - but I just call and he shows 48. DOH !! At least the Devilfish was on the next table, not there to pour scorn on me !


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