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Friday, September 12, 2003

The Million Dollar Question

One post on the Mob Forum recently was so interesting that I broke my self-imposed exile and chipped in. The original question was “How did you make the transition from ‘Joe Average’ to ‘hey that guy/gal’s not a bad player’? I’m thinking specifically about competitions!”. The poster admitted that the question was ambiguous, which it is, in a very interesting (IMO :-)) way.

Does the poster want to be a good player or to be seen as a good player ? The latter is much easier, as follows : How to look like a winner. And of course, you don’t want to do both now do you ? It boils down to the choice that every “new” poker player has to make. What are you trying to do, make money or be noticed ? Supplement your income on a regular basis or get your name in Poker Europa ? Huge numbers of younger players are seduced by the latter. I’ve been through it myself, but now I think it is a mirage. Not that I’m complaining. New, keen players with half an idea (well some of them have) aren’t cluttering up my games, they’re off chasing a million in satellites, on-line and down the Vic. Tournament “faces” are finding that the circuit is being supported (just) by all the nearly dead (comatose ?) money put in by the wannabees, so they don’t have to drop down either. Meanwhile I can get to work in their absence.

Because the second interesting post in this thread was one by DY. David broke his “coaches in the car park” rule to give the (very sound) advice to find other games than Hold-em tournaments. I have touched on the reasons why previously in this diary, and probably will again, so I’ll leave the technicalities for now. The reason he felt able to give this advice was the point that no one would pay attention. Much like Cassandra (in Greek mythology, not Only Fools and Horses), the oracle of truth is doomed to be ignored. Because what do they play on Late Night Poker ? What do they play in the WSOP and the WPT, coast-to-coast on ESPN ? Hold-em of course, No-Limit, the “Cadillac” of games. Stud ? What’s the point of that ? Only one. It’s much easier to make consistent money against typical weak fields playing Stud. And Omaha for that matter. And cash games. Just that, nothing else.

So pay your money and take your choice. You think you’re the next Chris Moneymaker ? Good luck. I won’t be seeing you !


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