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Sunday, October 19, 2003

Reclaim the Game

As I said above, I did post on the Mob forum about the Betfair situation, and I also admit that I have made contributions to the "Celebrity Poker" threads under an assumed name. If anyone does care you can probably guess which one but I doubt if you do [care]. But it does take a lot to make me pop my head above the walls and post on there nowadays, as the quality of debate, if you can call it that, reaches new depths. Currently the forum is flooded with posts by or about (or both) one particular individual. While these are unintentionally amusing at times (I did enjoy the central figure's assertion in about his 534th post that "I bring home the money and that's all I care about) but mostly it's a total turn-off. I couldn't care less how much an individual makes, there will always be a few winners and a lot of losers. If you're doing well good luck to you. But if you do value a forum, always remember that trolls thrive on ANY kind of response. Starve them of this oxygen and they will, in a cyberspace sense, die. Bear it in mind.


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