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Saturday, October 11, 2003

Tiger Tiger Burning Bright

Tragic news from the Mirage this week. It seems that one of the famed white tigers took exception to being bopped on the nose with a microphone once too often and attempted to tear Roy (from Siegfried and Roy of course) limb from limb.

Now, this guy is still critical and I don’t wish that much ill on anyone believe me. But really, can anyone be surprised ? Call me a hippy but I think what they do with those tigers is wrong. I know they go on about preserving the species but couldn’t they do that without making them jump through hoops and charging $50 a ticket ? I wish the guy a full recovery but perhaps this will be the end of this kind of sideshow in Vegas and that would be for the best IMO. Plus I hope the tiger doesn't get the chair. It's only doing what comes natural.


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