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Sunday, October 05, 2003

Last Longer Bets

I did promise to explain how you can gain an advantage playing in this kind of structure :

The Aussie Pool Booster

should this ever catch on in Europe . Though I would hope most of you have worked it out by now if you’ve thought about it !

Basically the “supplementary pool” is a last longer bet. Maintained by the house and paying more than one place, but absolutely a last longer bet. When any pair or group of players make a last longer bet, they are giving up an edge to the rest of the field. It’s obvious why – sometimes they will have to make a different play because of the bet, a play which would be wrong if the bet hadn’t been struck. For those not in the bet, the play is wrong and to their advantage. Imagine being 5 or 6 handed in the final of one of these tournaments, when 2 of the players are in the “supplementary” pool. It should be obvious how to take advantage of this. So if you find yourself in one of these comps, just play the main pool only, and you’ll have a nice edge.

Incidentally Sklansky (correct as always) maintains that if you make last longer bets, they should be either very small or very large compared to the tournament entry. Then you just concentrate on whichever is bigger.

And while we’re on the European Poker site, this article is very accurate and well-written, check it out :

Why So Late ?


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