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Saturday, October 11, 2003

I'm sh*t and I know I am

There’s no shame in admitting that I am a compulsive bookworm when it comes to poker. Even a bad book can pay for itself many times over if there is a nugget or two of good information inside. So I checked out Vorhaus’ “Killer Poker Online”. I like Vorhaus, he’s quite entertaining, in fact he’s a screenwriter who has also written a book called something like “How to be funny even when you’re not”, which I’m sure I would find useful ..

Anyway JV talks a lot about concentrating fully on playing online, turning off all TV, phones, even music, only playing 1 game, taking lots of notes and stuff. So I tried this in a $5 single table and the difference was unbelievable. The first time it was so hard I could barely keep up. Applying my full concentration it was a totally different game.

Now I still can’t see myself making a lot of money online, it just doesn’t pay anywhere near as much as a good live game – for me anyway. But the concept applies just as much to B&M poker. I’m sure down below I talk about being bored playing tournament hold-em. Get a grip ! If you’re bored at the poker table you aren’t trying hard enough. There’s enough information to keep you going if the game was played 3 or 4 times slower. So hopefully when I get back to the tables (I’m on a break for a couple of weeks) I can get back to applying myself properly.

Mentally (Vorhaus talks about this too) it’s very easy to be lazy. It’s tempting to think “well even if I do concentrate really hard some bozo will probably draw out on me”, and I’m sure that’s been my mindset a lot lately. Sometimes when I’ve been at the table (but with my brain on holiday) I’m watching someone who does quite well make a strange play and wonder what’s going on. But it’s a simple fact, Fox (the best poker book ever !) says that “the best player in the world with a temporarily dulled brain is not even the match of an average player using full concentration”. And of course I’m nowhere near the best player in EN2, never mind the world J.

So next time you see me in Luton , I might not be so chatty during the game. In fact if I am, tell me to sort it out !


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