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Saturday, October 11, 2003

Another satellite rant

As I write, yet another slugfest at the Vic reaches its climax. They don’t half come around quick don’t they ! Time for an anti-satellite tirade then ? Well I’ll just content myself with one observation. “I won a satellite so it only cost me £50”. Really ? I bow down to your satellite greatness. You win a seat every time you play one ? “No, I didn’t say that” – er yes you did, actually. You can’t just ignore the satellites you lose when working out how much you have “paid”. If you make money in satellites, good for you, say if you win a £1000 seat for every £500 you put in, that’s good going. But the seat has cost you £500, not £50. And if, like 50% of the field, you are below average – you’re paying MORE than £1000 ! How’s that for value ?

In the meantime though, well done to The Camel for carving up the £750 – and who can stop the Mob ? Is this sponsorship really good for poker if it enables the guys to hoover up so much of the tournament cash ? I’m half joking. But I’m half serious too …

And I can’t forget to tip my hat to Ray Brown. Ray is one of my trickier foes in the regular Luton £20 stud-fests. Last week he got the cake in Baden for about E100K ! What a result ! Maybe now he’ll be out of my hair in the £20s. Knowing Ray though I doubt it. He loves the action. Makes you think though. It makes you think “you jammy bastard” :-)


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