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Friday, November 28, 2003

I'm Still Standing (1)

So last night I'm putting my plan into action, an hour's kip after work and then out to Luton for the £20 Stud. An hour in I am wishing I was asleep again - 240 chips in front of me (having just dropped 500 on a poor call) and "Jon's Elton" is banging out "Daniel" in the restaurant. If you were unaware, Luton are trying to "go Vegas" with an entertainer. Now, I subscribe to the theory that musicals are the lowest form of artistic expression, with tribute bands a very close second. To give this guy his due though he is quite a good singer. It's just that it is a little distracting when you're trying to play self-deal with 5 grabbing hands in every pot as usual. All I can hear during the quieter bits is a string of juvenile unfunny remarks (as you can imagine) punctuated by sycophantic laughter. Some people need to grow up, and by the way it is a scientific fact that people who are unsure of their own sexuality are usually at the front when it comes to this brand of "humour".

Anyway thankfully the music stops but I'm off my game and decide not to add on. Long story short, two hours and 3 big outdraws in my favour later I chop it heads up, £700 each. One of those nights you have to remember when things aren't going so well. Still the real point is when you do get lucky, take it to the hoop and that's what I managed to do. As I (in the style of Elvis) left the building there was some more apposite musical accompaniment to send me on my way. Phil Lynott in his pomp on the TV, spangly jacket, rocking guitars and "it's just that he gambles so much - and you know that it's wrong". Damn straight Phil. But he's not talking about me :-)


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