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Friday, November 28, 2003

I'm Still Standing (2)

What's so great about going broke ? If there's one poker saying that I think is total bollocks it must be "all good players go broke sometimes". The hell they do. Bankroll management is an important skill for a truly good player - and so is digging in when things aren't going well.

Bankroll is a much misunderstood concept, as you can often see on the forums. If you're a recreational player on the side, a bankroll isn't a necessity. It's nice to have some money set aside to play poker out of, but if that goes you're not out on the streets. Like when you start out, you just set aside whatever you're comfortable with for poker, and do your best with it. I started with £50 a month, although to be fair there were regular £10 tournaments at the time. Meanwhile if you're a losing player, the concept of bankroll is simply irrelevant. It's only a matter of time before you lose it, however big it is.

A winning player who is dependent on poker income must have a bankroll and he must look after it. He must also not play too high for his bankroll and that's what almost everyone seems to do. Exactly how much you need depends on how well you play. However if you insist on playing £500 tournaments and £1K sit down cash games then I can assure you that you need a f*ckload of money to maintain an acceptably low risk of ruin. As Jesse May says in Shut Up and Deal "You really need a lot of money to play poker. A lot lot. So much that if you had it all you might as well not play any more, unless you got nothing else to do or are just out for blood money". I swear every time I read that book it rings more true.

There was a very brief, and very rude :-), post on the Mob forum last week which nonetheless contained a very salient point. The point being, there are lots of fish around in the small games and the small comps. So why are all these "faces" broke ? And why don't we see them grinding it up in the small games ?

The reason of course is but three letters long. E-G-O. If you keep playing in big games when your roll is running out, you're not a good player in my book. If you go broke, even less so. However many tricks you've got up your sleeve. However badly you would beat me up if we played heads up. I'm in action and you aren't. That means I'm better.


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