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Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Look at the muck in here

During the break in a Stud tournament recently I was talking to someone who should probably remain anonymous :-) about why I played Stud much more than Hold-em. When I mentioned that I preferred the people, on the whole, the answer was immediate "Ooh, I couldn't agree more. Common as muck they are in those Hold-Em games !"

One of those things that I'm glad you said and not me, however it is as good a description as most. For some reason small Hold-em games seem to have more than their share of miserable, small-minded, petty, rude people. Common, if you like. Go down to the Vic and you'll get it in spades. Spending time in this company is very draining. Very bad karma ! Once you start picking up bad habits it's time to ask whether it's worth it.


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