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Saturday, January 10, 2004

How to put me on tilt (Part 2) - Moan and Win

Or really that should be "win and moan". OK, poker players like a moan. Bad beat stories have a lure that is hard to resist, when you're the teller. I try my level best not to do it but even so the odd one slips out now and then. What I can't stand is people doing it when they're winning (and I'm losing !).

Vince Burgio mentioned it on Poker Pages recently which is what reminded me. There is little worse than making your way to the rail on your tournament exit and being stopped to have your ear bent by a bad beat story - from someone who's still in ! Luton of course have some world champion moaners. Every now and then you'll see one of them get lucky, win hand after hand, and look more and more uncomfortable as they stack more and more chips. Now what can they do ? This doesn't stop the real champions. This won't last, don't give me any more hands will you - then they give back one of the 20 orange chips in front of them and off they go. In essence, shut the f*ck up moaning WHEN YOU'RE WINNING.

My favourite instance of this, although I wasn't amused at the time, is a Stud comp where I find the Aces, reraise all in, Queens call the reraise and win. Fair enough. I'm making my way off, minding my own business, but as this guy is raking in the chips he's going "bloody Queens when I get them someone's always got Aces". I could have cracked open his head and feasted on his very brains. If I could have found them.


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