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Sunday, April 11, 2004

Not Bad, Evil Ted

Once again though I was struck by the excellent composure shown by the "sportsman" player. As the Devilfish pointed out, anyone who "takes a penalty shot for England" isn't going to be too fazed by a game of poker (we know what he meant :-)). Once he settled in, Sheringham handled himself better than the rest and might have had a reasonable shot if he hadn't made some understandable technical mistakes through inexperience. If a real player had sat him down beforehand for even an hour and just gone through some tournament basics, he would have had a chance. Now this is a long shot, but if any sportsmen who fancy a shot at the tournament circuit would like some advice, let me know ! It'll cost but you'll get it back many times over. Discount if you play for QPR. No doubt some wag will send me an Email from "Clark Carlisle" any day now :-)


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