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Monday, February 07, 2005

A Bit More Football

Just like the Camel, I was almost starting to hope that Chelsea win the league, after the playground scrap between the other two last week, until I read in the paper today that the Stamford Bridge cognoscenti have taken to wearing shirts emblazoned with "Champions - it's only a matter of time". United fans will be insufferable if they win it, but we would have the consolation of thinking about all those fat bastards * crying in their lager down the King's Road. With Robben on crutches and no home game for a month for Chelsea, maybe it's not all over just yet.

Chelsea's next game is a visit to Everton. While the Scousers are wobbling a little since Gravesen left, and if I wasn't sure about Beattie I am totally unconvinced by Arteta (an obvious fanny merchant), they still have a 5 point lead and a hell of a lot of fighting spirit. Lay them back at 2.92 if you like (if indeed anyone took my advice) but I'm going to let it ride.

Finally I was due to take the park myself this evening for our impromptu works' team. However there was a SNAFU on the booking front and the old law of "first come first served" saw us off. What was amusing (in retrospect) was after all the fuss about referees being sworn at, the most strident voice in the discussion could be heard 100 yards away shouting "get off this fucking pitch or you will get hurt" - it was the referee himself. I guess you have to be tough to ref in the mean streets of Enfield :-)

* A little bit of swearing is ok in football, where necessary.


Blogger The Camel said...

I have had a change of heart after Chelsea's petulant display against Man City on Sunday.

From now on I will just bask in the misery of all their fans when something bad happens.

So, David James' save, Asley Cole being "disloyal", Arsenal losing 4-2, Malcolm Glazer taking over at Utd and Exeter drawing at Old Trafford.

It's all good.

8:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glazier's whole financial plan demands that he have 75% of all United shares...not just a's a nasty business but I can't see it coming off.

Hopefully someone will re direct him to Loftus Rd...Shepherds Bush could do with a new supermarket now that young Dan's moved into the ghetto on Goldhawk Road.

Up the hoops...right up 'em!

9:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have mixed feelings about this Glazer thing.

On the one hand you could argue that they've enjoyed the fruits of being a PLC over the past decade and therefore shouldn't complain when their position is threatened by someone who views them purely as a means of making cash. That's life in the free market.

On the other hand, a price will have to be paid to pay off the debt he'll acquire to buy the club.

This will come in two forms; firstly, the cost of being a supporter will increase. I have no real problem with that, especially as they've enjoyed more success in the laast ten years than the rest of us will enjoy in a lifetime.

However, the obvious way for them to increase revenue is to abandon collective bargaining on TV rights. If they decided to reject a joint agreement in favour of negotiating independent deals with individual broadcasters, the rest of the league will suffer - perhaps fatally.

Ultimately, as Glazer seeks to increase revenue and with the gulf between the bigger clubs and the rest growing, the obvious thing for him to do would be to lead a breakaway by United and other G-14 clubs. The much-threatened European Super League could become a reality.

Again, many people might be glad to see the back of the likes of Man, Chelsea and Arsenal, but if they did leave, they take with them not just more than a century of tradition. but also much of the revenue which is currently sustaining the professional game in this country.

Dream scenario I suppose is that they leave, realise that Juventus v Man U in front of 12,000 is not what they had in mind and then come crawling back looking for readmission to English football. No problem with that provided they start at the bottom of the pyramid.

By the way, my optimistic Everton prediction of a month or so again, pre-dated the departure of Gravesen. Without him the team's struggling and with Morientes starting to score, I think Liverpool will pip us.



11:11 AM  
Blogger Andy_Ward said...

Wet dream scenario more like, that would be awesome :-)

Regarding Everton I fear you are right. Nonetheless it's not a bad time to play Chelsea right now, we can see what happens on Saturday.

Obviously as an Everton fan you're much better informed than me - while Liverpool are favourites, would you be a backer or a layer of Everton right now at 2.9/3.1 ?


PS Hooray ! You can now see the other comments you're responding to, it does help !

11:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We're playing terribly at the moment, but with those odds it's probably worth sticking with them.

Liverpool's two games before we meet them at Anfield, are away to Birmingham and Newcastle, both of which they could drop points in. Plus they've got the Carling Cup final and the distraction of the Champions League.

Looking ahead it all seems to come down to the derby game.

If results for both teams go as predicted - a huge if, I know - then a draw for Everton in that game, would put us in a very strong position - possibly seven points clear with 8 matches to go.

Having said that, like you, I've got a funny feeling we might get something off Chelsea tomorrow.


11:54 AM  

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