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Wednesday, May 10, 2006


I came across this in Blair Rodman's Caesar's Palace Main Event report :

"I talked to Robert Daly, who will be running the WSOP this year, on the break. He told me that he is a player, has won some big events in Europe, and understands my position."

Won some big events in Europe ? I've never heard of him. OK, I haven't been paying much attention lately. So I checked the Mob database. Nothing. OK, maybe there's a mistake with the name. Google is our friend, and it came up with this (Tim Lavalli on Pokerpages) :

"UPDATE: Things continue to happen in preparation for the Big Event. On the Tournament Director front, Robert Daly remains as Co-Director but now the newly appointed Corporate Director of Poker Operations, Jack Effel, will also assume the other Co-Director position. "

Erm. Now I'm struggling. Maybe he meant "has run some big events in Europe". That's a pretty short straw to clutch. But before I shout "pants on fire" I have posted a comment on Rodman's site asking for confirmation. I'll let you know if there's any comeback.

Update 15/5 : My comment was ignored. Hmmm once again.


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