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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Now Who's A Weasel ?

US Congress has approved the Internet gambling bill that's been going the rounds for a while. It's not quite law, but it will be. What I want to draw your attention to, if you didn't know, is the way this bill was introduced :

" Negotiators from the Republican-led House and Senate reached a deal on the legislation Friday and attached it to unrelated legislation to bolster port security, which the Congress approved."

To spell this out, the people pushing this bill had no intention of allowing it to be debated on its own merits. It was tacked onto the end of a "must pass" security bill. The key point being an unrelated security bill. Now we happen to have our panties in a bunch about this bill because it affects us (even non-Americans) directly as online poker players. I'm sure other blogs will debate how this relates to us at length, but all I want to say is that this practice of attaching unrelated legislation to must-pass bills, which is by no means uncommon in the US, is a crock of shit. It's cowardly, it's a travesty of democracy and all in all it's a fucking joke. And these people call the French weasels.


Blogger David Young said...

If you've ever watched The West Wing, you know that this happens all the time. It's baffling to outsiders like us and I can't understand why Americans don't get more angry about it.


11:43 AM  

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