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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Feet Under The Table

Made it in one piece, the worst part of the journey was the descent into Vegas which was a bit bumpy. Immigration on the other hand was a breeze, they didn't even ask me what I do for a living. This must be a change of policy because I've always been asked before. Or maybe it's just a Vegas/poker thing as all they really wanted to know was how much money I had on me (and other players were asked the same thing). I stayed awake long enough to have a meal in Aquaknox (Venetian) with Frode, Jan Sjavik and Julian Thew which was very good.

I'm checked in the Rio, and it's something of a blow to my "everything about Harrahs is crap" attitude to find that the room's really nice, good value for money. Both my ATM cards work, and my dollar account appears to be completely juice-free, score (Citibank dollar account ftw). The staff seemed to have sorted out a lot of the poker problems and I'll be able to start going for gold once I'm de-jetlagged. I managed to resist the $1500 Shooutout today, tempting as it was. Word on the street is that the Bellagio are kicking in a $25K seat to their daily tournaments, rather than just taking it from the prize pool as I (and probably everyone else) assumed, which would make those a lot more tempting. If anyone can confirm that one way or the other, please do.

I've made a conscious decision not to spend half the trip in my room on the Internet, and that includes forswearing 2+2 and a lot of blogs, so if anything really juicy happens let me know :-). I couldn't help noticing that Hellmuth won his 11th bracelet yesterday, with the size of the fields and his apparent emotional state so far this summer I didn't think he would do that. Credit where it's due, he may be an emotional cripple but he's good at what he does in poker tournaments.

Update : OK scrub that. Bellagio are not adding a $25K seat, they're basically taking $25K of your money (if you're the winner) and saying "you have to play this". Which isn't so appetising. We'll play it by ear tomorrow. Also this evening I opened my account by (sigh) chopping a $225. I just can't be ruthless enough turning down these deals, especially against women ...


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