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Sunday, April 11, 2004

The Iceman Goeth

As I said, the latest show was instructive. One lesson for us all is to never, ever, ever refer to yourself in the third person on TV. I know Guy Bowles, he's alright and not an arrogant person at all. But right now he must be wishing he had never said, on camera, "The Iceman doesn't tilt". It made him sound like a complete knob, even before some clever-clogs in Sky spliced it in just before he called the Devilfish's raise out of position with T9. Looked like a tilt play to me Guy :-). Because tilt doesn't necessarily mean calling all your chips when the red mist comes down, Feeney defines tilt as "any adverse impact of emotion on your play". By those standards, I do it, you do it, everyone does it, sometimes. Better to realise that than try to deny it.


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