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Sunday, April 18, 2004

Me, Myself and Him

A quick follow up to my piece last week about referring to yourself in the third person (by the way Alan Shearer is another one who often mentions Alan Shearer when talking about Alan Shearer). I've been reading Mark Steel's "Reasons to be Cheerful". It's excellent (as is his book on the French Revolution) and I can think of several people who would benefit from reading it even though they'll disagree with almost everything he says (go on David you might enjoy it).

Anyway quite late on in the book he meets Arthur Scargill. While struck by his passion, Steel notes that "Strangest of all was his habit of referring to himself in the third person. So I stood there, trying to nod in agreement, as Scargill yelled 'What did Arthur Scargill do when the pension fund was threatened ? I'll tell you what Arthur Scargill did. Arthur Scargill ...'. Afterwards Mark Thomas, who was standing nearby, suggested that I should have said 'This Arthur Scargill bloke sounds brilliant. I'm going to go and talk to him because you're a w@nker mate'"

Which goes to show that I have a point, I just can't express it as well as professional comedians. Never mind. If only someone would say that to Shearer.


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