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Saturday, May 08, 2004

Ps and Qs

... and As for apologies. Sorry about the lack of diary updates lately ! Various reasons, as detailed below. Mainly I have been posting more often on the Hendon Mob forum. I must thank people who have said nice things about the diary and my posts - that encourages me to post more often - so you can blame them for the lack of diary entries ! I expect someone will annoy me enough that I go off and sulk and stop posting soon though, that's what usually happens !

In the meantime every man and his dog is now posting up WSOP diaries. Every sponsored man anyway - when you take the shilling you do have to jump when they click their fingers ! Most are thrilling accounts of how the hero took 7 hours to lose someone else's money. Barny's quite entertaining though, and Colclough's not bad, but the real nuts is Jesse May on . This is a) because he can write (you have to read Shut Up and Deal) and b) because he's not playing. Do check it out, it gives you a real feeling for the atmosphere.


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