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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Not this again

Oh dear. You don't expect that much from Poker Europa, and I shouldn't expect much more from Card Player, but I did think Mike Sexton had half an idea. But no, he also wants to Ban Sunglasses. And headphones. And rebuy tournaments. All to "level the playing field". How fucking level do you want it ? Rakes are going up, everything's No Limit, playing 10-handed 95% of the time - it's already very very hard for the better players to overcome the variance. That's why they keep swapping percentages of each other, something else Mike has a problem with. And while I sympathise on this point, if the WPT hadn't banned deals then they wouldn't have forced the issue underground. And all for what ? Because "Protecting the integrity of the game is vital to continuing that growth and acceptance *" Acceptance ? Look, if Mom and Pop don't like you playing poker, that's your problem. My family think it's cool. Although if you sanitize the game as much as you want to, they might change their minds.

What do I care though. If you want to lube yourself up, drop your trousers, pay an extortionate rake, be told what to wear and sign away your image rights in perpetuity throughout the universe just for a 1/1000 chance to get on TV, have everyone say how lucky you were for a couple of days and then forget all about you, more fool you. I said I wouldn't mention this any more but god damn it !! These people go too far ! RAGE ! It's good to vent sometimes.

* If you said "what growth and acceptance ?", don't blame me, that's what he wrote. It's in keeping with the standard of writing in these publications.


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