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Friday, October 01, 2004

Swimming With the Fishes

As I said in a response a couple of weeks ago, I've been having a bash at limit Hold-Em on-line. Armed with the 2+2 Small Stakes book, it was going OK until the last week or so when a succession of bad beats and cold decks wiped out my profit up to that point, and a bit more. I know I can improve ; I think I put too much money in on the turn when I should realise I'm behind. What I'm really finding difficult though is dealing with the succession of lost hands. It came to the point today where I picked up Queens and had no confidence whatsoever that they would stand up. While all around me people were raking in $80 pots with AJ. I lost 3 pots today to ridiculous cold decks (set over set, set over top two pair and flopped full house) - and in each case only two of us took the flop ! I should think half the block could hear me swearing at the screen !

But nil desperandum, it always helps to have another string to one's bow, so we'll keep at it on and off. One other point on-line, it is truly ridiculous that I can put up £750 for a single tournament (and walk away whistling when someone calls my reraise with JT and knocks me out) but balk at playing $50 Sit and Goes in case I have a $500 downswing. So I've been trying them on Party and Stars (Turbo) and there are still plenty of fish in those, so we'll see how we go. One thing's for sure, I will never be able to rely on poker for an income until I can deal with the swings emotionally.


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