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Friday, September 17, 2004

I'm Back !

Back again, not too jet-lagged (I can definitely recommend the direct flight), but I will wait till I am slightly more with it before posting detailed thoughts on the trip. In brief, I caned the single tables and couldn't win an argument in anything else. As usual !

All in all it was an enjoyable trip though. The one problem was the small size of the fields. Now, if you're going to play tournaments, that's not necessarily a bad thing, and may well be good (certainly it's good in terms of lower variance). But the general lack of numbers milling around meant that there weren't as many single tables as I would have liked. In fact for the first four days there were no $120 satellites at all, only $65. I do much better at $120 (see post above), although I'm not entirely sure why - the reduced rake and 100 extra chips are nowhere near enough to explain the difference.

Maybe it's just fluctuation ! This time around I played 13 x $65 satellites for about $300 (including 2 hi-lo games). As soon as we started at $120 I went : Win, Chop, Lose, Lose, Chop, Win. I certainly had my moments of luck. The last one was funny, I went all in with 44 against QQ (blind vs blind, in my defence) and won, took off A8 with A3 and rivered both my last two opponents to knock them out. Then again if I had beaten AT with AK in the middle of all that I would probably have closed it out no problem. Swings and roundabouts in these - you have to stick your chin out and take the punches sometimes. It was just funny that I won $1000 while so zonked with a cold and general tiredness that 20 minutes later I tried to hit 16 against the dealer's 3 playing blackjack.

I kept the multi-tables to a minimum, nothing bigger than $300, but still no good. Given some time to think (not something you normally associate with Las Vegas) I reckon I'm through with MTTs. There are other games to play that I enjoy more, others where I earn more, and others I can learn. I suspect that with the ever-increasing flood of new players, tournaments from Luton to Las Vegas are providing smaller expectations and higher variances by the day - a deadly combination.


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