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Monday, August 23, 2004

License To Ill

The Olympics - hate them or ignore them, you can't like them. I couldn't even ignore them today as I was drawn into the Paula Radcliffe debate on two separate forums (fora ?). There are two aspects of this I'd like to discuss. Discuss ? I meant talk about, and you listen (still reading too much Maddox I think). Numero Uno. One big Olympic turn-off is the ubiquitous Billy Britain commentary, frequently from ex-competitors who are far too close to the current crop to criticise them in any way. Someone usually pops up with "well there's a mute/off button". Which is fine, except for one thing. When I turn the BBC off, I'm still paying for it. If I never tune to the BBC at all, I'm still paying for it. If I never use my TV for anything except watching porn videos, I'm still paying for it. What the hell is this, Russia ? The license fee is a horrible anachronism. When the BBC was the only game in town, fair enough. But now it has to go. Either that or someone should have the balls to say "OK, everyone knows that football rules, cricket is OK, WWF is funny and everything else sucks. So if you have a TV you will be charged £120 per year which goes straight to Sky Sports. What ? Is there a problem with that ? Got an off button haven't you ??". Losers.


Blogger Bankerbob said...


I was wondering why you got so little feedback on your great site, having now had to creat my own "Blog" to post I understand why!!

Having now done that, whilst playing 2 tables at the same time, I can't recall what I was going to say, other than you seem to be full of bile over this point, which is great as I love a good rant!!



11:09 AM  
Blogger Andy_Ward said...

Thanks Rob,

It is a bit of a pain to register but now you've done it feel free to comment some more !


5:43 PM  

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