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Saturday, August 14, 2004

£250 Pot-Limit Hold-Em, Luton

Had a shot at this last night, but it's still Barnet v Forest Green for me this afternoon rather than playing poker for £60K. Nil desperandum though, it wasn't a bad game and I quite enjoyed it.

Fairly quiet to start with, 5000 chips and 25-50 blinds, pot limit, no real maniacs on our table. I drop 2000 by flopping a straight in an unraised pot and paying off on the turn when the board pairs ; but I felt I had to pay him off as it was only 1000 more and he was a total fish. Incidentally this was a player who I know is a "slider" in No-Limit (likes to overbet the pot by moving all his chips in). In PL he was the deadest of dead money.

I recover to about 4500 but drop another thousand just before the buyins ended. Pretty soon the table gets broken and I am moved next door - onto Jac's table. Now I'm thinking, wouldn't it be just like poker for Jac to knock me out after my comments on here yesterday. But poker turns out to be even more perverse than that, and he doubles me up twice :-). I try a steal reraise on a local who I think has me pegged as a rock, but unfortunately he also can't put a hand down, convinces himself that I have a small pair, and calls with A7. Seeing as I have 87 this isn't good. First card 8 though ching !

Now my cover is blown so I can't do much without hands. On my immediate left, Tony Bolton and Garry Bush are picking up big pair after big pair with someone throwing chips at them every time. No such luck for me and the blinds get up to 600-1200 when mid position limps and I check the BB with 98. Flop T97, I check-raise, it all goes in (I had about 11K before the hand), and his QT holds up. Thank you and goodnight. I thought I was favourite there but it turns out I was 45%. Not to worry, I gave him a chance to fold and I'm happy with the play.

So all in all not too bad. It was the right game to play in, which is half the battle. And it was nice to catch up with a few people, players and staff. I think my enthusiasm for the game is coming back, slowly but surely.

17/8/04 Follow-up : "I felt I had to pay him off as it was only 1000 more and he was a total fish". Did anyone read this and think "So ? No you don't". This was a bad call. I think I'm paying off too many check-raises just because I check-raise quite freely on a situational basis (as above for example). There are a lot of people out there who check-raise for one reason only : they like their hand. A lot. I should not have paid this guy off whatever the pot odds.


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