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Friday, July 23, 2004

What a character

Following the WPT Invitational screened on Challenge recently (featuring Phil "The Unabomber" Laak) there was a lot of talk on the forum about "characters" and whether they were "good for the game".  Then there was some more following reports of Tony G's behaviour at the latest WPT Paris event.

There are some real characters in poker it's true.  But all those who I would class as genuine characters do not need to shout at the top of their voice all the time to get attention.  Nor do they need to dress up like pantomime dames.  A genuine black hat could do a lot for the game.  But to wear that hat you need to be a top player.  Top top.  Cantona or Tyson.  Or the Undertaker :-).  The only poker player who even comes close is the Devilfish.

To be a real character you need more than a loud voice and a £4.99 joke book.  For example, people tell me that Mad Marty is a really nice, generous guy.  But I don't know him - and at the poker table he is nothing short of a pain in the arse.

The real issue is that television has great power to influence the easily influenced.  Monkey see monkey do.  If you're bored watching the likes of Ivey and Lederer play poker then try WWE instead.  There's nothing wrong with WWE, I just don't want to be in it every time I play poker live.  If I'm going to be surrounded by wannabees every time I go out and play, I'd much rather they were wannabee Iveys than wannabee Unabombers.  There really is little worse in poker than having to sit next to some unfunny loudmouth who thinks he's a "character", when you can't give him the slap he deserves.  Hooray once more for the Internet and the "block chat" button.



Blogger Big Dave D said...

Watched the WPT last night. Antonio unspellable looked very overrated, but that could just be the editing. He surely was a very very annoying prick tho. If he did that poker wave to me I would be tempted to try and make him do it with his hands up his arse. I've started to wonder whether Mike Sexton is making some kind of subliminal messages in his commentary referring to the crowd. He commented on a lot of people rooting for Cloutier in the crowd. An allusion to all the people he owes money to? In another episode he referred to Dan N and Ted F as the poker gang, when clearly they were the backers of the player in question. Subtle social commentary?

Lastly, have u seen the mpg of that guy who came 6th in the wsop knocking out Jesus? First off, it looks like a terrorist attack has blown up out of his chair 30 feet. Then he proceeds to have a serious epilectic attack. Meanwhile Jesus, in full regalia, looking like he's competing in the Least Emotional Looking Human world championship. The mokeys are taking over the zoo.

6:26 PM  

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