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Friday, July 02, 2004

Trip Report !

Of sorts ! Why not, haven't done one in a while. I rolled up to take a shot at the £750 freezeout in the Vic last night. Just one major name on my table to start with - the fantastic Xuyen Pham, Pot-Limit World Champion ! As I said on the forum I was really pleased to see Xuyen win that and it was nice to congratulate her in person. Unfortunately she hit a "death card" to make her the straight but her opponent the full house so she was first out this time. I don't have a great start and drop to about 3K (starting chips 5K) before a controversial limp on the button with A7. No raise, flop 765 with 2 clubs, BB comes out betting. Hmm, so many draws he can have that I think I have to play, and so I have to raise as there are so many scare cards could come off. He calls, 87, no straight and I double up. Then I double up again, finding AA against the table fish who looks disturbingly like Phil Neville.

At this point I fancy opening it up as one of the larger stacks, but it doesn't quite go to plan. Paul Phillips arrives on my right and turns out to be a nice guy. It was probably a bit foolish of me to go after him in a blind v blind situation, but hey, you gotta get up to get down :-). That costs me 2K and the blinds are creeping up. I win a couple with 76s and then a spectacular 62 off, both times getting a caller from the blinds and taking it down on the flop. You feel like you've earned it when you win with that ! Then comes the pivotal (and needless to say final) hand of the evening.

Geezer on my left has just arrived with a big stack. Haven't seen him before, looks like a typical VOG (Vic Old Git). I have just over 7000, playing 300-600 with a 50 ante. At this point I'm not dead keen on being the first raiser - I'd rather be the reraiser and put the big decision to my opponent. So one of the plays up my sleeve is to limp from the button or small blind and if I get a raiser, reraise all in. And so it comes to pass that it's folded around to me in the SB. Alright then, I limp. He bets 2000. Let's do it, I raise all in 5K more. It's now 5K to him with about 11K in the middle. To my discomfort he calmly and methodically, without ever looking like folding, counts off the chips and calls. "Good call" I have to say as I turn over my rather unspectacular K6. But to my complete amazement he shows down JT offsuit. Straight on the river, and that's that. I don't say much but can't help a quick "I thought I was bluffing ...", "Little did you know" drawls Phillips. Little did I know indeed ! Looks like I picked the wrong guy to bluff. Or the right guy to reraise for value with K6. Who can tell ?!

So that's the way it's going in £750 comps these days ! I'm not disappointed though. I tried a few different things and made some moves, and in the end I got it in from the front. And made the last tube :-). Better than clinging on till 3-30 and going out 24th. Back to the Internet for me I suppose. £1000 No Limit in Luton in August maybe ? Could do !


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