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Monday, June 07, 2004

The Nippers' Express

Of course when word got back to the Vic that Bushy had picked up 130 large, the nippers sprang into action. Off they went to Heathrow to hide in packing crates, clutch onto wings and fly their own bicycle-propelled aircraft like those films where they all jump off the pier and get about 3 yards. Customs was no problem at all. If you go through customs and say something like "Well I'm on holiday mostly but I might play a bit of poker", they say "oh yeah do you know the Devilfish ?", you lie and say "Yes" and you're through no more questions (this is true BTW). When the nippers got there it was "well I'm on holiday mostly but I might do a bit of nipping" - "Oh yeah do you know Willy Tann" - "Yes I do" - "OK sir have a nice trip" - "Cheers can you lend me $20 pay you on the way back ?"


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