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Saturday, June 05, 2004

Nipping in the Last Chance Saloon

Thursday night and I was in the $225 Super (one bullet - that is I had no intention of rebuying) and this was my last shot at the Big One. I was given some hands and some double ups and at one point hit 15,000 in chips. Due to some brain freeze on my part I had the idea that 10K chips would be par for a seat, but because $200 bought 500 chips, that wasn't the case, par was 25K. Looking back I don't think this misconception changed any of my plays, and in any case the blinds shot up and I ran into AK to bust out around 30th (14 seats being awarded).

That being it for the week I found some of the boys in the bar and started making up for the professional abstinence of the trip up to that point. And then some. We hooked up with a couple of the Irish guys (always a bad sign) and I eventually reeled back to bed around 6am. Next day round about 4 we're by the pool in the Golden Nugget and I am just starting to feel human again, when who should roll up but The Aggressor. "Aye aye boys - you didn't have enough of a share of me last night Andy !". Eh ? After some explanation and vague recollections in my unhappy brain it turns out that The Aggressor has only tried to nip me for $100 the previous night to play a single table, and much to his disbelief, managed to score $200. He chopped it and now hands me $800, result ! $300 of which I am promptly nipped for. And so the cycle begins.


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