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Saturday, June 05, 2004

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As I said I didn’t enter any of the main events while I was there. I could have played the last $3,000 No Limit but decided against. Now I’m back home I think this was the right decision. I would have been close to dead money in this event – not because of being a particularly bad player compared to the field, but from a stamina point of view. I watched Bushy for a couple of hours in the PL $3000 final. During that time I didn’t see anyone give away a single chip. Garry had to play something like 14 hours on Day One and 10 on Day Two. I can hardly play for 3 hours without getting massive brain freeze and doing something really stupid. It’s no wonder I do best on single tables online (and in Vegas as it happens) because you only have to play for an hour or so. I’m reasonably fit physically, in fact I’m a marathon runner compared to most poker players, but mental and emotional stamina is something else entirely. If I want to take a shot next year, that’s what I have to work on in the meantime. As it happened, the $3000 NL was the first WSOP non-big-one tournament to be played over 3 days. Unlikely as I was to last that long, if you can’t go the full distance, don’t bother, and so I didn’t.


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