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Monday, May 10, 2004

Woo Hoo !!

We are QPR say we are QPR ! Rangers are back in Division One ! Being Rangers we had to make it difficult but I am told we were excellent on the day and we certainly played with more all-round commitment than I have ever seen in the last home game against Swindon. So well deserved all round.

And you know what ? I think I deserve a holiday. And so without further ado I am off to Vegas on Friday. Mostly to hang around the rail, but I will chance my arm in a few satellites and second chance comps just to see what happens. I hereby swear to not wuss out and play like a rock ; to play Aggressive Non-Believer to the hilt ; and to enjoy myself whatever happens. That way I can't lose !

It'll be good to let my hair down for a week. Ice cream for dessert ! Only 10 sit-ups in the morning !! Playing satellites without carefully ascertaining the structure and its implications on play !!! It's going to be a wild time. (only joking about the last one of course)

So if you see a chav in a blue and white hooped shirt hanging around Binions, come up and say hello !


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