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Monday, July 12, 2004

Ooh stick you, your Mamma too

and your Daddy ! Remember that one ? I had mercifully forgotten all about it until ESPN's WSOP 2003 Day 2 coverage brought it back to me (on Challenge last night). This is the one where Phil Hellmuth shows us his own take on meditation - sit down, close your eyes, and think about how great you are. Those ancient mystics eh, no idea had they ?

Newly filled with serene inner confidence, Hellm-you-th as Norman Chad insistes on calling him (surely this guy should be only filmed behind a wall with just his eyes and nose poking over) takes his seat only to face his deadly nemesis Sam Grizzle, who chinned him once. How he's the only one I'll never know. Over the course of the show the two trade insults in the style, as I said on the Mob Forum, of two 12 year old girls. But I knew there was something missing from this analogy, and that was Daphne and Celeste. Phil and Sam reminded me of Daphne and Celeste bopping away on CD:UK ribbing each other in their own playful style.

As it happens I was at Reading when Daphne and Celeste performed their famous two-song set - both their classic hit and "U-G-L-Y / you ain't got no alibi / you ugly (Phil) !" It was kind of sweet, one group of fans went to the trouble of taking a bedsheet, painting "YOU SUCK" on it in giant letters, dragging it all the way to Reading and then unfurling it on D&C's taking to the stage. I always hoped that they kept it, just think how often a bedsheet with "YOU SUCK" painted on it would come in handy. As usual though, press reports of the 15-going-on-27 popsters being bottled off the stage were as wide of the mark as a, erm, bottle. They hid at the back of the stage and were laughing half the time. If you want to see a bottling, try to find footage of Adrian Edmondson's spoof heavy metal band playing Donington's Monsters of Rock (which they did, for real). Now THAT'S a bottling. Scary stuff. It would have had Phil donning his double strength Oakleys and baseball cap with plexiglass visor, and running for the hills !


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