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Monday, July 12, 2004

Think Fast !

I was watching Pirates of the Caribbean yesterday (good fun if you're not too picky) and as usual I found myself hopelessly confused at the twists in the plot. If you've seen it, consider the bit where Johnny Depp shoots the bad guy with his one shot and then throws the last coin to the elf dude. If that was me I would go "Oh, er, what, do I throw this in the chest ? But that'll bring them all back to life. Should I keep it then I'll be immortal ? Or give it to the totty ? Give me a second, I'll get this ..." And the bad guys would win.

It reminded me of a recurring nightmare I used to have. I'm in a super-tough interview, but I've got all the way to the end. "One more question Mr. Ward," says the suit "you know that bit in Where Eagles Dare where Richard Burton makes them write down the names of all the double agents ? Could you explain that to us please ?" "Oh, er, bugger, erm, he thinks they are spies, no that's not right, they have to prove to him that, er, no" and I lose the job and have to live in the gutter.

The point being ? Thinking logically and quickly under pressure is not my strong point. Tournaments suit me better than cash games because they (seem to) lend themselves to off-line analysis much better. Short-stack play in particular can be honed off-line to the point where I know what to do in most situations before they happen. And when I do have a hard decision, I really need to take my time and think it through. I used to think that playing quickly showed confidence, which it probably did in rinky-dink Luton comps, but now I realise that taking your time doesn't show weakness, it's just sensible.


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