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Monday, July 26, 2004

The Plan

I have finally (I think !) decided how to progress with my poker in the short/medium term :

1) Cut Internet poker down to 8-10 hours a week, and only in games that are big enough to be worth playing in.  Only play when I'm focused, and not just out of boredom !  At one point on the weekend I was playing 3 micro-limit Stud Hi-Lo games at once.  After about 45 minutes I thought "why the hell am I doing this ?".  Also only play one game at a time.  I should still be looking at around $20/hour, which would be around $800 a month.  Nice money on the side without going mad.

2) Play around one medium size (£200-£300) B +M tournament per month.  Rebuy comps are fine, in fact they are probably better - the bottom line is rebuy comps attract weaker fields.  After reviewing my performances over the last 3 years at this level, the results are poor.  However, I can see a lot of things I did wrong, in hindsight, and I think it's time to try again.  If I did pick up £10K again I'd be happy to lock half of it away and have a spin at a few £500-750s with the rest.  Having cut down on expenses lately I can spare £250 a month so this won't cut into my bankroll.  Why not take a shot, it could be me !

3) Two holidays in the US per year.  Probably one WSOP and one other.  If I'm selective while I'm there and play plenty of single-tables I should be able to freeroll in a big comp or two each time.  And it is a holiday after all !  US wins hands down over Continental Europe.  The only question in Europe is whether you're in more danger of being robbed inside or outside the casino.

I'm putting this down here so that maybe I'll stick to it :-).  Cut out all the unnecessary rinky-dink playing-because-I'm-bored online.  Play fewer hours, but more focussed, and live a little the rest of the time.  Sounds like a plan.  Got to go now, gym class !!


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