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Saturday, July 31, 2004

Putting the dink in coinkydink

I read something today that, at first glance, seems utterly bizarre. One of Andrew Flintoff's sixes in his innings yesterday fell right into the lap of his own father, watching from the stand. How cool is that ? Unfortunately for Flintoff Sr, he dropped it, earning himself no end of "ribbing" at the dinner table if I know professional cricketers.

Isn't that amazing ? Or is it ? Is it just the case that of all the sixes hit in all the test matches in all the world with all the fathers watching, it was only a matter of time ? I think it was. And we could apply the same reasoning to Internet conspiracies and even the B+M "you won't believe the hand that came up last night" stories. Try me, I probably would.

By the way, good as Flintoff is, I've never really warmed to him. This is because I used to hate bowling at thugs with 3 1/2 pound bats. Once a batsman realised he could mis-hit me for six, I was f**ked as a bowler for that day. It is nice to see England playing with smiles on their faces though - I hope they can keep it up next time they get whomped by the Aussies :-)


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