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Saturday, July 31, 2004

In Your Dreams

This month's rib-tickler from Poker Europa : Nic Szeremata on Caprice's taking the Paradise Poker shilling. "But when a glamorous model publicly endorses our favourite pastime - well that's different. All of a sudden poker could become the new in-thing for the It girls, and could lead to an influx of young female wannabes into the poker scene".

I've heard some ridiculously optimistic predictions for the future of poker, but we have a new winner. If "It girls" want to be letched at by fat, sweaty blokes then they'll at least go somewhere where the blokes in question have more than £20 in their pocket.

If you prefer visual comedy though, check out Jim Britton's Devilfish impression on page 50. Just think what the photos they rejected must have looked like.


Blogger Big Dave D said...

The only thing more ridiculous than Poker Europa is the quality of players being sponsored by real world players. And of course UK's answer to Mike Caro on PokerPages. If you've got a voice, let it be heard! Even if it is talking shite. Better still start a blog :-)

6:15 PM  

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