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Thursday, August 12, 2004

The Plan (2)

What I have immediately found is that if I cut Internet Poker down by about half, it's just as easy to cut it out entirely. I can't really be bothered to play it. Basically, I already spend 30 hours a week making $x per hour - it's called a job. And as much as I might complain about it at times, my job makes plenty to get by on, and is usually more interesting than playing online poker.

So while the net is always there if I need to fall back on it, I don't have to play it at all if I don't want to. For example, recently I have made just over $1000 playing $25 Turbo Sit and Goes on Stars, in about 35 hours of play. But after a while I was SO BORED I just could barely face playing any more of them. Provided I won it was OK, but losing (especially on the bubble) caused far too much frustration (any at all is too much !). So I have cashed most of it in, leaving about $100 in a couple of sites for fun, and will concentrate on the medium (£100/$200 and above), live tournament scene.

Money-wise, this isn't the smartest move. I'm already about £5K down on these and they have been subsidised in the past by small tournament earnings. But throughout my poker career, it's not necessarily being good that has been enjoyable or satisfying, it's getting better. There's plenty of room for improvement, I have the bankroll (and it's not too hard to replace if necessary), and I have quite a few ideas to try out. I'm also encouraged by my play at the WSOP which I was happy with, especially the one table satellites.

So if I do that, maybe we could knock US trips up to 3 a year instead of 2. It's 4 months since the last one, so we must be due another ! Four Queens anybody ? See you there !! And if anyone's playing the £250 in Luton tomorrow night, I'll see you there too.


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